GVP-M and Software Hut Inc. have teamed up for new Amiga boards

Date 27-Apr-2009 14:50:41
Topic: Hardware News

April 24, 2009 - GVP-M and Software Hut Inc. have teamed up to bring new Amiga boards to the market.

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Through a joint effort, GVP and Software Hut are bringing to the Amiga market new accelerators, ram and video boards. Included in this are 060 boards for the 2000 and 4000 model computers as well as an 030 model for the A1200. All of these accelerators use standard 72 pin ram as well. This will be a limited run to gauge the demand in the market. We have tried to price these boards as low as possible taking into account many of them are completed and tested by hand due to small production runs. If the demand is strong, additional items, many of which have been unavailable for some time are planned. Supplies are limited on many of the items. The initial batch of boards and ram are due in stock this Monday, April 27. To see details please visit http://www.softhut.com/gvp

Inquiries can be directed to: sales@softhut.com or by calling 610-793-2354

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