Icaros Desktop 1.1.1 update has been released

Date 30-Apr-2009 0:32:31
Topic: Software News

Exactly a month after Icaros Desktop 1.1 main release, it's time for a little update. This newer version provides the latest system files, including the newer ata.device from Neil Cafferkey, which fixes many incompatibility issues and should help people who couldn't try AROS before, to boot it on their computers. This new releases includes also an improved version of the OWB browser and fixes some system issues encountered with the 1.1 release. For this reason, v1.1.1 is available in two versions: an update CD for Icaros Desktop 1.1 users and a complete full live! DVD for new users.

A complete list of new features and improvements is available at this page.

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