Status Report: Digibooster Professional 3

Date 2-May-2009 14:06:41
Topic: Software News

APC&TCP respondible for the distribution and development of the music software Digibooster Professional 3 wants to give you an overview of the development of the new version as stated on 19th January 2009 in the news.

First of all we have to say that the program is being rewritten from scratch opening new opportunities which haven't been possible with the old sources of Version 2.xx or at least without an unacceptable amount of work. The program structure can be enhanced now and designed with more efficiency in mind.

playback routine

The implementation of the playback routine on the basis of Digibooster Professional version 2.xx in the new version 3 is nearly finished. Smaller effect commands like Sxx (Pitch up/down) or Lxx (setting of envelope position) and the DSP echo effects parameters (Vxx, Wxx, Xxx, Yxx, Zxx) must be implemented yet. Once we have done that the new playback routine will equal to 100% the one of version 2.xx on the new basis.
Moreover the new playback routine will be very portable having a positive effect on the portability to non AmigaOS compatible platforms.
Furthermore the new playback routine will be 100% independent of AHI.

Digibooster Professional 3 GUI

The basic GUI functions like
* trackerraster
* instrument list
* edit options (new, delete, change, ...)
are already implemented.

In addition the programm will run with several tasks (tracker, player, ...).
Visual customization using different skins will be possible too.


This external program will enable you to render music files to complete AIFF or WAV files. It will be made available to the community for open testing shortly. Please note that this isn't the final version.

At this point we would like to advise you of the support forum of Digibooster Professional. Everyone interested in the development and integration of new ideas is welcome to take part at the discussions.



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