Dpaint/Brillance clone

Date 2-May-2009 22:29:17
Topic: Software News

A brand new DPaint/Brilliance bitmap drawing paint program has been made and released for all AmigaOS variants - called GrafX2.

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What is GrafX2 ?!

It's a bitmap paint program that allows you to draw in more than 60 video resolutions (from 320x200 to 1024x768, including most of the standard Amiga resolutions : 320x256, 320x512, 640x256, 640x512, etc... provided your videocard knows how to handle them). It was written to run under DOS, but the code you'll find here was modified to use SDL and modern operating systems.

Visit the GrafX website for a full introduction and download links.

It works on all flavours of Amiga !

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