NetSurf 2.1 released for OS4

Date 24-May-2009 12:19:11
Topic: Software News

The NetSurf developers are happy to announce the immediate availability
of NetSurf 2.1. This release contains many bug fixes and improvements.
It is available for download from

Here is a change log detailing the important changes in this release:

Core / All

* Fix detection of active link areas (avoids entire page being
treated as a link in certain cases).
* Support height on TR.
* Fix numbering of floated list items.
* Make borders/margins/padding on form elements match other
* Updated Italian translation.
* German welcome page.
* Fix handling of percentage height on HTML and BODY.
* Partially handle percentage heights on TABLE

RISC OS-specific

* Set bit 4 of extended window flags byte.


* Fix buffer overflows in options code.


* Implement path plotter for SVG rendering.


* Improved packaging and installation rules.
* Speed up scrollwheel scrolling.
* Cache scaled bitmaps in memory by default.
* Support exporting of images as IFF.

Also included are many smaller bug fixes, improvements and
documentation enhancements.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this release!

About NetSurf

NetSurf is an Open Source web browser for RISC OS, Linux and other
Unix-like platforms, BeOS, Haiku, and AmigaOS 4. For further
information, please see the website at

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