Amitopia TV 25th of May 2009 is out

Date 25-May-2009 20:53:52
Topic: Miscellaneous News

If you want some living Amiga News and watch a guide on how Titler works. Then this release is the thing for you. It's a bit blue release, but I decided to focus on Titler and show how far Titler have come. It's a really powerfull 3D Animation program created by stefkos. In the next shows there will be a 5 min corner telling you the progress of Titler development. I hope its interesting.


Amitopia TV 25th of May (317mb DivX) (30min show)


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Happy watching! Also,... I need to send a thank you to PsyKicko which allows me to use his music in Amitopia TV shows.

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