AMIGIFT 2.0 Has Been Released!

Date 1-Jun-2009 20:18:15
Topic: Software News

The AMIGIFT Project Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Final 2.0 Release. AMIGIFT is a peer-to-peer filesharing application which connect to several networks at once by using plug-ins. Furthermore, it isn't another simple port but a 100% AmigaOS Native Application, and thanks to its dynamically loadable system to plugins it's not limited to the current know network plugins, being new plug-ins easly created. And, of course, it includes a full-featured Graphical User Interface, made using MUI.


Yeah, it has happened... after a very long period of development, the Final 2.0 Version see the light, no more pre-releases! The list of changes since the previous public release are quite considerable, we encourage you to take the time to read through the ChangeLog if you're interested on using the program.

Most important changes to mention are the following:

1) The daemon no longer uses ixemul, we have now a totally native application!
2) Each of the libs and plug-ins are now compiled and loaded individually, rather than linked with the daemon executable.
3) GiFTMui (The MUI front-end) uses now MUI Custom Classes for everything.
4) LOTS of code have been either rewritten from scratch or optimized.
5) There's now a dopus-like file manager embed into GiFTMui.
6) ...and much, MUCH, more!

AMIGIFT 2.0 is designed on a portable fashion, hence you can test it quite easly, Here's a Quick-Start Guide:

1) Remove any signal of existance of any previous amigift version.
2) Download the main archive (AMIGIFT-2.0.lha, link below)
3) Extract it somewhere, eg RAM:, and launch GiFTMui.
4) On this step, at your first run, you need to configure it, please read the documentation for further info on this (link below).

Please take a few minutes to read through the Getting Started documentation chapter for full details on how to start using AMiGiFT, the link is:

You should be able to use your previous Incoming drawer, though.

Links as follow:

Online Documentation
Main Archive

All of the available downloads can be found from the following URL:

And don't forget to visit our homepage, and link to us:

Thanks a lot to everybody supporting us, and specially for your understanding with the slow development, we hope the delay worth the trouble and you'll enjoy the best ever amigift release

Diego Casorran.

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