Origyn Web Browser 3.14 for AmigaOS

Date 10-Jun-2009 1:12:17
Topic: Software News

Check out the AmigaOS version of OWB at the OWB web site.

Changes in the 3.14 (8.6.2009) version include:
- Fixed progress bar. Since the changes need new methods the text search is now disabled on AmigaOS 4.0.
- Fixed several cookie bugs, for example GMail and the URL from bugs.os4depot.net issue #131 are working now.
- Added more checks for broken font installations.
- Implemented HTTP authentication, partially based on the AROS OWB diffs with minor bug fixes, and added support for http://username:password@example.com/ urls (bugs.os4depot.net issues #121 and #149).
- Added support for scrolling with space and backspace (bugs.os4depot.net issue #169) and (#186).
- Added ToolType DOWNLOADDIR (bugs.os4depot.net issue #154).
- Fixed bugs.os4depot.net issues #170, #175, #180, #183 and #185.
- Added Accept-Language: header based on locale preferences.
- URL and web search gadgets did not always work if they weren't activated with the mouse, fixed.
- Updated to SVN revision 994 (OWB milestone Galeking).
- Changed menu shortcut from "Copy" (UTF-8) to "Copy as {8 bit locale charset}" (bugs.os4depot.net issue #176).
- Added support for closing the current window/tab with (bugs.os4depot.net issue #187).
- Updated SplashLauncher to version 1.3 (bugs.os4depot.net issue #117).
- Added new toolbar images and updated scripts from Martin Merz.

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