Eye Viewer SE Final version available

Date 19-Jul-2009 12:48:59
Topic: Software News

The latest version of the popular picture viewer Eye Viewer SE has been released by Morguesoft. French speaking members can find an announcement on the French web site Amiga Power.

There are two versions available, a traditional 68k Classic Amiga version, and an OS4.x compatible version tested with a Sam running OS 4.1.

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Both versions are now faster and more stable, although unfortunately the OS 4.1 version still has a 68K core which results in the player not working correctly. However the viewer features are all working fine so long as you have the datatypes installed for the formats you wish to use.

You can copy, move, remove, rename, delete, rotate and resize your images. The slideshow feature is able to show the pictures in two different modes, either as a list or with thumbnails (which you can configure size of).

There is also the player for the 68k version, which you can use to hear your mods, mp3, sv8x, wav files.

Enjoy it!

[edit: Official site for Eyeview SE]

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