New AROS build for testing USB

Date 20-Jul-2009 16:51:48
Topic: Software News

On the Icaros Desktop's website there is a new custom version of AROS, built to help bugfixing Poseidon - the well known USB stack being open-sourced by Chris Hodges. This is not a Icaros Desktop update, but a Live-CD that anyone (with supported hardware) can use to boot their PCs.

USB controllers should be activated automatically upon startup and USB mice/keyboards should work, and the Live-CD provides also OWB and the whole Icaros networking stuff to help testers submitting logs to AROS exec. Interested people can get this custom build of AROS from this link, while an updated version of the Icaros Desktop user manual, which can be helpful to set up networking, is available here.

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