Campaign for Radeon HD driver support

Date 24-Jul-2009 9:01:12
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The Amiga platform, in spite of its development, is still incompatible with many contemporary solutions. A good example is lack of a complete support for the up-to-date graphic cards, especially in the field of 3D acceleration (OpenGL) or the Color Management System (ICM). Hans de Ruiter is the one who has met the challenge to develop drivers for the latest AMD Radeon HD graphic cards. The project, which started last year, has already given the first results. It’s reasonable to support Hans de Ruiter’s work in order to reward him for his achievements and to encourage him in his further work. That’s the reason why the eXec internet magazine has launched a campaign for Radeon HD driver support. The campaign is addressed to Amiga enthusiasts who are eager to accelerate the development of Amiga platform. Donations can be made by HDR donate button. For a start, the eXec editorial staff is donating a purchase of a HIS Radeon 4350 PCI graphic card, which so far is the most modern solution of AMD for low-end market.

About Radeon HD driver:
The goal of this project, leaded by the Hans the Ruiter, is to create an Amiga OS graphic driver for R5xx (and following) GPUs. One of the motivations for Hans’ work is to be able to use shaders, that are present in the modern GPUs. However, it is important to mention that full support of modern graphic cards need much work to be done. Hans initiative is an important step, that in future will allow to introduce many modern technologies, such as; UVD or shader.

About eXec magazine:
eXec is the oldest and the only internet magazine in Poland, that is exclusively oriented to the Amiga platform. It has started its activity in the year 2000, in a form of a newspaper (attached with CD). Now it is available only as websites: and eXec stuff and readers are
still looking for the new opportunities to support development of the latest versions of AmigaOS.

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