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Date 21-Aug-2009 22:35:13
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Wayne of wrote:

Hi guys,

Over the past three days, I have been very overwhelmed with the support shown by our members regarding the potential sale of I am literally humbled to know that there are some of you who will go to great lengths to preserve this great site for the future. It proves to me what an incredible community this always has been.

That being said, I'm very happy to informally announce I have received an offer from a person I trust with the future of this site. He, his partners, and I have come to a tentative agreement regarding the sale and subsequent transfer of

Once we iron out all the particulars and a contract is signed, there will be a 3-month transition period to follow during which time absolutely nothing about the site itself should change.

All of our current moderators will remain (should they choose to do so), only my successor will need to be chosen by the new owners, and I've made my recommendation to the purchaser as to who I personally think would be the best person for the job.

As I promised when this drama began, absolutely nothing about this site will change in the foreseeable future, save for one staff change. Both I, and the potential owners are in complete agreement on that core ideal. has always, and will always exist to support the Amiga community as best as we possibly can and I will make absolutely sure that you are all kept in the loop as to any changes, as soon as they occur.

Even though I'm not going anywhere right now, I am honored by your remarkable support, and will always be grateful to each of you for the chance to provide to the community for all these years

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