Amitopia TV 24th of August released

Date 24-Aug-2009 14:58:14
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Summer is ending, but Amitopia TV will try to keep you updated this fall.

Turn On The Power !!! This is the show where you get to know Amiga News, productions that Amiga people have sent and much, much more!

For the first time you see Flash On Amiga in the Amiga News of the program+++

* Amiga News
* Delusion
* Amitopia TV Special
* Delgo`s Island

All music is free to use music. MODs from Aminet, music from and so on. I don't earn any money doing Amitopia TV. It's a free service from me to everyone in Amiga community and abroad!

Amiga Makes It Only Possible! With a slash of Steve Jobs help :)

Download it here:
Amitopia TV (~280MB)(mp4)(Works on Efika & PegasosII)

Watch on-line:
Amitopia TV (Vimeo) (Get it with GetVideo (Aminet) or Watch it on-line)

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