BOH update5 released

Date 2-Sep-2009 17:27:02
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Campobasso, Italy - September 2nd, 2009

The development of BOH never stops and brings you one more update full of nice surprises!

Specifically, this update:
* replaces low obstacles with traps (f.ex. the pools of the theme "default" cause damage to the shield);
* adds dynamic sound to traps animations;
* adds acoustic feedback to shield discharges;
* improves the sound engine policies;
* simplifies and improves the automapper colors (dangerous places are indicated more clearly);
* increases the precision of and optimizes sprites rendering;
* removes pits borders along (transparent) barriers;
* refines video modes suggestions;
* removes the sort-by-name option;
* converts the characters set of themes to full ISO 8859-1;
* retouches the themes graphics slightly;
* improves the terminology;
* reworks some internal aspects of missions and themes for easier development of expansions;
* fixes the handling of alphachannel-less sprites (this bug had no practical consequences because no theme used such kind of graphics);
* adds a new tutorial mission;
* updates and improves the user's manual;
* applies some other changes.


BOH owners can enjoy the update by downloading it for free from the DOWNLOADS page of the official website.
The updaters for Linux, MacOS and Windows will be made available soon.
The AmigaOS, Linux and Windows demos have been updated to reflect the changes; the MacOS demo will be updated soon.

About BOH:

BOH is an original, retro-flavoured game of exploration and action.
You move in claustrophobic, traps-packed, mind-boggling battlefields searching for the Evil Masters, who throw countless enemies at you until you discover and face them in the final battle. Although your quests are made slightly less hard by the bonuses and power-ups scattered all around, carrying out the missions demands lots of concentration and quick reflexes.
With BOH the fun never ends: new missions can be added anytime and you can even create your own! And, as if that was not enough, you can also customize entirely its audio-visual aspect!
BOH has been created with lots of passion and care to offer, with its oldschool style, a fascinatingly different videogaming experience.

To learn more about BOH, please surf to the official website at

via Trento, 20 - 86100 Campobasso (CB) - Italy
VAT no.: IT00814390704

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