New 4MB Minimig and Great discounts at Pianeta Amiga Show

Date 18-Sep-2009 18:00:44
Topic: Announcement

Bassano del Grappa (Italy), 18-Sep-2009

A great product becomes even greater! Starting from 26th of September, the Minimig will be available with 4MB of RAM instead of the usual 2MB!

The Minimig has been upgraded with 2 additional MB of memory and the new "Release version YQ090421" firmware. The 4MB Minimig will be available to customers at Pianeta Amiga 2009 in Empoli (Italy).


The prices for this version are:
Fully assembled board with 1 GB SD Card: 158 EUR (189.60 EUR with VAT)
Fully assembled board with 1 GB SD Card and PSU: 169 EUR (190.80 EUR with VAT)

ACube Systems is pleased to announce a series of discount for some of its most acclaimed products.
For all the customers who will attend Pianeta Amiga 2009 the next 26th of September in Empoli (Italy) a 10% discount will be applied on the following products: Sam440ep, Sam440ep-flex, and AmigaOS 4.1.

Don't miss this opportunity, come to Pianeta Amiga and buy our products at this discounted price!

Pianeta Amiga Special Prices:
Sam440ep 667MHz - 418,50 EUR (502,20 EUR VAT INCLUDED)
Sam440ep-flex 733MHz - 369,00 EUR (442,80 EUR VAT INCLUDED)
AmigaOS 4.1 - 94,50 EUR (113,40 EUR VAT INCLUDED)

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