AROS for AmigaOS (AFAOS) 4.5 release

Date 21-Sep-2009 12:13:51
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AROS for AmigaOS (AFA OS)

This is the release version 4.5 of AfA_OS.Can download here.

Changes for this version:

Thank Dieter Groppé for supported me with sourcecode and tips are now the windowgadgets from KingCON, ReAction (ClassAction) also MUI supported and replaced by the Skinsystem.
DOpus5 Iconify and tbiclass Windowgadgets are also supported and replaced by the Skinsystem by pushing ;) and with help from Thomas Klein.

* Momantary all windowgadgets except PopUp and TBIFrame (sysiclass ID number 101-105) are displayed with the Iconify Image and Padlock from DOpus5 are not replaced due problems.

Ken Lester created the Iconify and PopUp Images for the old Skins and 12 complete new Skins so yet are 22 Skins useable.

Many problems in the skinsystem removed and some changes made for the AWeb and ViNCEd-Shell windowgadgets. The redraw of the Window- and the Screentitle are now pleaced first offscreen and only if the text changed. This eleminates the flicker of the text on slow systems and speed up the rendering. Also the flicker of the scrollers by there moveing are eleminated on slow systems. Windowgadgets are not displayed inside windows anymore that fix problems with the Font and Palette settings programs.

Crashs and Bugs fixed with P96 Screen in 16Bit depth and with the RGBA modes of the Voodoo3 by changing the alphablendfunctions from ARGB to RGBA.

AmigaOS API functions "addgadget" and "addglist" complete replaced by AROS Code.

The "gadgetclass", "rootclass", "groupgclass", "modelclass" and "fillrectclass" complete replaced by AROS Code.

The function "DrawIconState" from icon.library with the Tag "ICONDRAW_NOALPHA" extended.

The function "createproc" are now patched by afa_system_lib.exe to expand the Stack.

Bug fixed that crash the system if the function "Font Size Adjust" is used in conjunction with the zune_lib.exe.

AfA_Prefs are extend by Thomas Klein with the support for the ToolType "SkinPath" to set the default path of the Skin select requester. Also that the programicon is used yet instead of the hardcoded "SYS:Prefs/" for the transparency preview. And the Bug fix to reset the Titlefont by Cancel.

What is AFA OS ?

Afa Features since long time:

Realtime Skin System, which can change Skins without closing the screen first, and supports user defined border sizes for every border and skin, and scale the Icons.
See old Screenshot under the following link: (text center in title work now better)

It can be selected between Visualprefs, Birdie or the AfA-Skin system via AFA_Prefs and a customized startup-sequence. Please consult the AfA documentation for information how to set this up. In Amikit from Version 1.4 onwards all necessary things have been done already.

ReAction (ClassAction), KingCON and MUI Windowgadgets are supported and replaced by the Skinsystem with code and help from Dieter Groppé.
DOpus5 Iconify and tbiclass Windowgadgets are also supported and replaced by the Skinsystem by pushing ;) and with help from Thomas Klein.

A user configurable Blacklist where you can exclude programs from using bigger than normal borders as some programs do not work with increased border size properly. The blacklisted programs will then open with standard border size. Please drop me a line if you mention that programs do not work properly with increased bordersize.

Many user configurable real time parameters like three different Borderlines. The user can change the pre defined Skin parameters over a GUI.

Window Titel Font autonomous from AOS attuned Window Font selectable.

Position of Window Titel Font and shadow with adjustable depth selectable.

Skins consist of several parts: Screentitle, For- and Background for the vertical and horizontal sliders and window frame parts like top, bottom, left and right frame in 3 tile to allos smooth windows on all sides.

Now are 22 Skins from Ken Lester are usable. Here is a link to a screenshot where 21 skins are shown:

AfA_OS allows you to use 32bit Dual Image PNG Icons, OS4 32bit Icons, "Palette" GlowIcons and NewIcons with full Colorprecision and also faster than with the original because colours must not be remapped to Workbench Palette or need Pens.DOpus Magellan as Workbench replacement can too show 32 bit Icons as Workbench of course.

Eastern thumbnail plugin show 32 bit thumbnails and work with Workbench and dopus magellan.

OS4/PNG Icons can be scaled in realtime due to a high quality scale code by Thilo Köhler. On a Classic (060) Mason-Icons with 30 pixel size can be rendered faster than in original size.

Alpha-Channel support for picture datatypes.

TrueTypeFonts are supported with antialiasing.


Since AfA Version 3.96 NewIcons will be treated like GlowIcons. That means you have to be the following things in mind: Icons will be converted into GlowIcons if you change anything on them (e.g. change or fix position, Tooltypes, ...), but they look of course same and there is no feature loss. Thats only a information that you understand wy the size of a newicon can differ by a few bytes.

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