Alchimie in one month

Date 5-Oct-2009 16:00:49
Topic: Events

Alchimie 2009 is a show about alternative computer science and robotic. It's a great event for all amigans and more.

The 8th edition will be organized by the Triple A association in Tain L'Hermitage (France) from friday 6th to sunday 8th november 2009.

This year, several conferences will be present :

- Presentation of Haiku by a core developer (François Revol).
- Presentation of the latest MorphOS development by a core developer (Fabien Coeurjoly).
- Presentation of the lastest AmigaOS 4.1 development by Philippe Ferrucci and Mehdi Boulahia.
- Presentation of AmiDarkEngine (new programming language for Amiga).
- Presentation of Gribouillis (new graphic software for MorphOS).
- Presentation of the Sam440ep-Flex by Relec (swiss reseller).
- Presentation of new games for AmigaOS 4.1 ported by Hugues Nouvel.
- Presentation of Linux with FPGA.
- Presentation of Ubuntu 64bit.
- Concert of n00r/4Trakz (sunday night).
- Presence of major groups from the french Amiga scene : AFLE, Aïto Studio,, Amiga Power, AmiphoneX, Belgium Amiga Club, Club AMF, Evolution 4, GuruMed,, Obligement, PureLamers, Relec, RMS Communications, Robootic,, Traders Sans Frontières, Triple A,...

More information (prizes, map, contact,...) can be found on the official website :

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