MorphOS: Keymap Switcher Keymap.sbar 20.5

Date 11-Oct-2009 11:33:50
Topic: Software News

Keymap.sbar (Screenshot) is a plugin for the screen titlebar and allows comfortable switching between multiple keymaps without having to open MorphOS' System Preferences each time.


* Support for MorphOS and legacy (AmigaOS 3.1) keymaps
* A configurable keymap selection
* Beautiful hand-pixeled images in two sizes
* Hotkey for opening the quick selection menu
* Hotkey for cycling between activated keymaps
* Quick launching of Keystroke (character overview and selection)
* Fully localized.


* MorphOS 2.1 or better
* 200 KB free hard disk space


Following a brief list of all changes since the first public beta release (version 20.3).

* Fixed two NULL reads (thanks to Nicolas Sallin for reporting)
* Defer keymap scanning; do it on demand rather than init
* Do not load config two times on init.
* New configurable hotkey to trigger opening of menu
* New configurable hotkey to cycle between active keymaps
* Localization
* Added help bubbles to preference page options
* German translation
* Installer improvements and updated documentation


The Keymap.sbar archive can be downloaded from binaryriot's Download Page.

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