OWB 1.5 for MorphOS is out!

Date 17-Oct-2009 22:51:52
Topic: Software News

Fabien Coeurjoly has just released the new version of his OWB port for MorphOS.


Some examples from the changelog:

- Added Locale support
- Some GUI elements are now draggable/droppable
- Optional Favicon support. They are displayed in tabs, history panel, bookmark, bookmark panel and quicklinks.
- Added save/restore session menu entries in project menu.
- Made restore session requester at startup optional.
- Added password manager for auth and forms (for forms, enable "save form credentials" in options).
- Added history sidepanel.
- Made bookmark sidepanel update faster.
- Added "History" pulldown menu with recently visited entries and recently closed tabs submenu.
- OWB SVN r1092.
- Curl 7.19.6.
- and many more....

See the OWB.readme file for the full list of changes.

Download: http://fabportnawak.free.fr/owb/

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