Updated cross-compilers for AmigaOS 4.1

Date 27-Oct-2009 8:07:06
Topic: Software News

Since the release of the SDK 53.15 I have been meaning to update the cross-compilers on my homepage. Now I've finally been able to do so.

I urge everyone using the old set of compilers with binutils 2.14 to upgrade to this version because of alignment issues with the AMCC 440ep the former binutils had. There are x86_64-linux, i686-linux and i686-cygwin version at this point, I don't have other systems available, but I will add other versions if I can.

Please visit http://www.zerohero.se/cross/os4.html for download links and a short tutorial on how to set them up.

EDIT: Updated with compiler with a i686-linux host.

Joachim Birging

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