New software updates by OnyxSoft

Date 28-Oct-2009 16:08:37
Topic: Software News

OnyxSoft releases four updates of software!

Annotate, WiiLoader, GummiSurf and ZoomIT

Updated programs
Annotate v2.6.4 - (OS3,OS4,MOS) A very comprehensive text editor with a lot of functions.
Ported to AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS! Added a Find next change/Find previous change function to the Search menu. Fixed copying of a line to the find or replace field with a vertical selection. And other minor fixing..

WiiLoader v1.2 - (MOS,OS4) WiiLoader is a utility to load .DOL and .ELF-files over network to the Homebrew Channel.
Now works with HBC 1.05 and later. AppIcon / AppWindow functionality (drag'n'dropable). Made the program singletasking to be able to "wake it" if iconified by start it twice. New icons made by Martin 'Mason' Merz added.

GummiSurf v1.4 - (MOS,OS4) GummiSurf is a companion tool for the download managers like Charon, and built-in managers in IBrowse, Voyager and AWeb.
Added AmigaOS3 binaries. Support for OWB (MorphOS) and NetSurf (OS4). Changed the default URL to a working one =)

ZoomIT v1.1 - (MOS,AROS,OS3,OS4) Magnifying glass program using MUI.
Fixed the borderless window function. Now includes locale support (and a swedish catalog). Added Crosshair option. Added Mouse coordinate and RGB-Value options. Borderless windows are now also draggable by simply pressing anywhere on them.

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