ixemul V62.1 for 68k

Date 11-Nov-2009 20:12:23
Topic: Software News

Here is ixemul for 68k.

there is also a warning file in that this should not install on MOS or OS4 because the 68k emu miss some features here(correct SSP USP stack Emulation of 68k registers).


this are new features, note also the SDK is more enhanced to compile modern Linux programs better.

The ChangeLog is as follow:

2009-09-01 Bernd_afa
* fix a problem when more child threads use network access (fix Internet stream play with ffplay without source changes)
* Linux return a address when call malloc(0), so there are some programs out (all that use milkshape loaders) that fail if this is not do.now ixemul return too a address and this programs work.
* when there is no HOME enviroment var in your env dirs, then ./ is return from getenv. before it return 0 and this let some programs crash, or do no prefs save.
* This make complete remove of programs more easy and is amiga like. So there is no problem that HOME dir grow lots by saving all config files in 1 dir and fit better in amiga enviroment.
* If you dont like that config files are store in current dir and that it is called as HOME, then create a env var HOME with path to dir you want.

2009-07-11 Diegocr
*Added the task's blacklisting features to the buddy allocator.
* Improved poolmem to be somewhat faster...
* Removed a Forbid/Permit pair around malloc's b_alloc() call which does not seem to be needed.. (buddy allocator)
* Memory's Pool and Semaphore are created regardless of the allocator being used, but not freed on exit when using the buddy way - Fixed.

2009-07-01 Bernd_afa
* fixed a filesystem Bug introduce from MOS Version for programs that use AHI output (fopen("audio:..")).
sound is now play correct
* use now old buddy allocator again, because netsurf need very good memperformance but poolmem system do after some netsurf use lots slowdown (more than 3) because of mem fragmentation in poolmem.For using memtrackers, there is a poolmem version attached, named ixemul.library_poolmem.

2009-05-29 Diegocr
o Updated IXPrefs to Version 2.8 Added options which control how malloc() should react when running out of memory.
o Added a button which launches a external program to the Task's Blacklisting management, it's currently made using MUI, and loaded from SYS:Prefs/ixbl_MUI (either via WBRun if it's found, or falling back to 'C:Run <>NIL:')
* library/hwck.c
library/ix_blacklist.c (new)
library/malloc.c: Implemented task's blacklisting features.

Certain options can be configured globally (from ixprefs) or per-task (from ixbl_MUI), When a global option is enabled but the same option over a blacklisted task is disabled, the later is taking into account. Same if you disable a global option and it's enabled over a blacklisted task.

Those options should be intuitive and easy to use. However, you'll find additional info on the buble-helps from the ixbl_MUI program.

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