"The Vague" Amiga diskmag: fixed version of issue #1 and a new website.

Date 11-Nov-2009 20:13:37
Topic: Software News


Diskmag about demoscene and coding on/for Amiga and Amiga-like computers.

"The Vague" is the first multiplatform Warp3D-based Amiga diskmag ever!


- Warp3D version: smooth high-resolution true-color graphics with alpha-blending
and animation also on classic 68k Amigas with 68040+ CPU and Warp3D-supported
graphic cards.

- AGA/RTG version for 68k Amigas without graphic card (limitations: no pixel
scrolling, no animation, 8-bit graphics dithered with the best algorithm

- Online HTML version for those that do not have an Amiga or does not want
to set up an emulator

- Real time mixing of sound effects and music through AHI, like in modern
diskmags (music only on classic Amigas, played by direct access to hardware).

- Amiga-only articles about coding and demoscene on all Amiga platforms.

- Support for all Amiga platforms (AmigaOS3.x, AmigaOS4.x, MorphOS and AROS).

- New and modern engine, totally different from any other Amiga diskmag's.

- Full-screen and window mode support.

- Mouse Wheel and Drag&Scroll support.

- Nice ASCII art done by aBHO and others.

- Cool modules made by FBY, XPEH, Okeanos and others.

- And much more!


Stay tuned, issue #2 will be out on December 1st, 2009!

Thanks to everyone who supported us and helped with the promotion of the diskmag.

Please visit us at
or just click on the direct link to the fixed Warp3D version of issue #1:

If you fancy sharing a video of "The Vague" running on your machine, send it to
us and we will put it on the "videos" page.


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