New software releases by OnyxSoft

Date 20-Nov-2009 0:54:42
Topic: Software News

OnyxSoft releases no less that 6 updates of our software!

AmiVNC4, BackUp, MPlayer-GUI, MultiRen, JoinSplitter, MultiRen, UTF-8

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Updated programs
AmiVNC4 v2.2.0. - (OS4) VNC server.
Added Zlib support which should speed up transfers a lot on slow networks. Now startable from WB with tooltypes. Should use less CPU and be more responsive when detecting a screen change.

BackUp v1.70 - (68k) Backup program that mirrors a directory structure.
Added an option so that you can select that files over a given size should not be copied. Added two options to prevent the setting of Amiga protection bits and Amiga file comments. Fixed a few minor bugs.

MPlayer-GUI v1.46 - (OS4) GUI for MPlayer.
It is now possible to start MPlayer-GUI with arguments from CLI or WB and files will be added to the GUI that is already opened. Added a Stop button. Added #?.flv to the default file pattern.

MultiRen v1.69 - (68k) Powerful multi-file renaming tool using MUI. Has plugin-support for MP3-renaming and more.
Fixed drag'n'drop of directories in Ambient. Added some stack to prevent crashes when opening the MUI settings on PPC systems. Minor fixes..

JoinSplitter v1.4 - (68k) Split and join files with a GUI.
It is possible to have joined files automatically deleted after being joined. Better handling of large files over 2GB, and joining of files that will result in more than 4GB.

UTF-8 v1.2 - (68k) This program lets you type UTF-8 text everywhere (like in web browser forms for example).
UTF-8 is now a commodity if started from Workbench. From Workbench it also reads a few tooltypes.

If you know a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail

All programs released this time was because of feedback from YOU!
- No feedback, No progress -
Thank you, users

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