DiscreetFX Christmas Giveaway

Date 12-Dec-2009 19:58:46
Topic: Announcement

Chicago, Illinois December 12th, 2009 -- Every Christmas DiscreetFX enjoys giving away lots of prizes to the Amiga Community. This Christmas is the best giveaway yet. We will be giving out the following items to randomly select winners that contact our sales department requesting to be in the contest via the link below

Contest Entry Link

Please put "DiscreetFX 2009 Christmas Giveaway" in the body of your message

1. Three copies of Amiga Forever Value Edition!

2. Ten copies of Aladdin 4D Instant Download!

3. Six Competition Pro Joysticks from Individual Computers and Speedlink!

4. Six Amiga Round Table DVD's, Episodes 1-3 with extra bonus features!

5. One copy of Amiga OS 4.1 for SAM440, Pegasos II or AmigaOne/MicroA1. The one winner that wins this prize must inform us which version they need.

6. Once MorphOS 2.x license, we will pay for it and request MorphOS Team send the license to the winner.

To qualify please send us a message that you want to enter the contest before December 25th 2009. Winners will be announced on New Years 2010 and prizes will be given out on or before January 31st 2010.

With this many prizes everyone has a great chance to win and no purchase is required to enter.

Good luck everyone and thanks for supporting DiscreetFX.

Best regards

DiscreetFX Team

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