Digital Universe - Winter Solstice Sale 40% off normal pricing.

Date 19-Dec-2009 16:59:32
Topic: Software News

Winter Solstice Sale
40% off normal pricing until 1 January 2010.

Apologies to those in the southern hemisphere where of course it will be their Summer Solstice !

The Digital Universe 1.6+ is available at a reduced price of 40% off the normal price. The offer will end Mid-day 12:00 UT on 1st January.



The Solstice Offer Page for more details and to order. Do not use the usual ordering page - unless you really want to pay the normal but higher prices !

The version 1.7 update shsould be available sometime in the new year - hoping my beta tester gets his A1 fixed !

Also watch out for
3D Stars which should be available on OS4 Depot and Aminet soon.

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