AmiMSN 1.2 Released (19th Jan) Update: Bugfix for 68k available.

Date 19-Jan-2010 4:25:04
Topic: Software News

Version 1.2 of the AREXX console MSN client has been released.

So what is new?


- A sneak peak of direct connection support. If your router supports uPnP, AmiMSN can now receive files via a direct link from Windows Live Messenger and aMSN. This is in a very early stage at the moment.

- A couple of bug fixes that may have prevented some people with a large build-up of offline messages from signing in properly. Note that AmiMSN cannot read offline messages yet.

- Now launches from icons supplied by Martin Merz and Adam (aka Rebel). Thanks to both of you.

- Supports the sending of "User is typing..." messages.

.. and various other minor fixes. Don't forget, AmiMSN has a built in IRC daemon!

You can download it from the very dull main website or from Aminet.

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