LookHere 2.0 available

Date 22-Jan-2010 18:35:56
Topic: Software News

Ok, the time is come for a new version of LookHere :D
Too many bug fixes and improvements to list them all, but here is a brief list of the most important features.

With the release of Hollywood 4.5 LookHere has got many new features like the multi window, now, pressing the buttons in the Main Bar will opens standalone windows instead of using the same window.

Another big feature is the Drag'n'Drop support: now you can drop files or drawers in the main bar instead of using the Load Drawer requester.

Now LookHere use a cache system to improve the speed of the thumbnails reading.

A new window called Manager has been added to LookHere, here you can Move, Copy or Delete your images easily, it's very simple at this stage but I hope it will be usefull.

I've included in this version a preferences window where you can set many parameters, you can also change the image cache location if you are not happy with the default one.

ScuiLib has been improved too (but I cannot release it yet, sorry), infact LookHere is delivered with two themes, the default one is like the default OS4 look and another one is called "Dark".

For screenshots and download links please visit the official release post:
Official release post

Have fun!

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