Blender 2.50a Test Release for MorphOS

Date 27-Jan-2010 21:25:21
Topic: Software News

A test version of Blender 2.50 alpha0 for MorphOS is now available for download:

- don't expect Blender run on Efika... if it does, be happy!
- blender runs by default in a full-screen Windowed mode, to change the size at startup, use option '-p' with 4 integers separated by spaces after: left-corner-pos top-corner-pos width height.
- don't run blender from the archive, don't forget it's a virtual view in Ambient!
- don't run also from RAM:, Python dynamic module loader doesn't support it.
- known bugs are listed on the following page, don't email me twice
- FFMPEG is enabled and working, but it's not Altivec-accelerated!
- Browsing space with thumbnails enable works, thumb engine caches results in PROGDIR:.thumbnails/
- My build (from official SVN r26240) doesn't suffer of the recent issue on the Windows version (crash at rendering), so use it, use it, use it!

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