Oricutron v0.1 released!

Date 6-Feb-2010 17:38:18
Topic: Software News

Oricutron (formerly known as Oriculator) is an Emulator for the Oric Atmos and Oric-1 computers.

Today, version 0.1 was released for Win32 and AmigaOS4.x.
You can download it here.

Changes since Oriculator 0.0.2:


* Now called "Oricutron". Apparently Oriculator is
rude in some languages Smile
* Works well enough to deserve "0.1" instead of "0.0.x"
* You can now auto-insert a tape by passing its name to
CLOAD. If you need to "CLOAD" a specific file within
a tape image, you can disable this feature.
* Fixed broken FPS display
* Fixed a condition where a filehandle wouldn't get closed.
* Added a 16k Oric-1 mode
* Added commandline options
* Fixed ADC/SBC overflow flag bug
* Mouse click now opens the main menu
* Fixed hard lockup when executing BRKs constantly
* Fixed B flag bug
* Fixed carry flag in BCD mode SBC
* Fixed behaviour or N and Z flags in decimal mode
* Fixed flag issue in TXS
* Emulation speed is no longer tied to the audio callback,
enabling more reasonably sized audio buffers.
* 60Hz attribute emulated
* Fullscreen mode (only available via commandline for now)


* Massive improvements to disk support. Reading works
for most things (only Read Track is not implemented
yet). Writing is not implemented at all.
* Added support for the Jasmin disk controller. Press
F4 to reboot in disk mode when jasmin is enabled.


* Added memwatch window
* Added symbols support
* Implemented help command (?)
* F11 traces code without going into subroutines
(or Shift+F10 on Amiga keyboards)
* F12 now skips instructions
* Breakpoints now survive any reset unless the machine type
is changes.
* You can now set breakpoints on memory accesses as well
as program execution
* Memory reads from monitor no longer cause side effects
for VIA and disk

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