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Software News   Software News : Oricutron v0.1 released!
   posted by xeron on 6-Feb-2010 17:34:12 (2787 reads)
Oricutron (formerly known as Oriculator) is an Emulator for the Oric Atmos and Oric-1 computers.

Today, version 0.1 was released for Win32 and AmigaOS4.x.
You can download it here.

Changes since Oriculator 0.0.2:


* Now called "Oricutron". Apparently Oriculator is
rude in some languages Smile
* Works well enough to deserve "0.1" instead of "0.0.x"
* You can now auto-insert a tape by passing its name to
CLOAD. If you need to "CLOAD" a specific file within
a tape image, you can disable this feature.
* Fixed broken FPS display
* Fixed a condition where a filehandle wouldn't get closed.
* Added a 16k Oric-1 mode
* Added commandline options
* Fixed ADC/SBC overflow flag bug
* Mouse click now opens the main menu
* Fixed hard lockup when executing BRKs constantly
* Fixed B flag bug
* Fixed carry flag in BCD mode SBC
* Fixed behaviour or N and Z flags in decimal mode
* Fixed flag issue in TXS
* Emulation speed is no longer tied to the audio callback,
enabling more reasonably sized audio buffers.
* 60Hz attribute emulated
* Fullscreen mode (only available via commandline for now)


* Massive improvements to disk support. Reading works
for most things (only Read Track is not implemented
yet). Writing is not implemented at all.
* Added support for the Jasmin disk controller. Press
F4 to reboot in disk mode when jasmin is enabled.


* Added memwatch window
* Added symbols support
* Implemented help command (?)
* F11 traces code without going into subroutines
(or Shift+F10 on Amiga keyboards)
* F12 now skips instructions
* Breakpoints now survive any reset unless the machine type
is changes.
* You can now set breakpoints on memory accesses as well
as program execution
* Memory reads from monitor no longer cause side effects
for VIA and disk

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Re: Oricutron v0.1 released!
Posted on 6-Feb-2010 17:55:24
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 26-Apr-2004
Posts: 1113
From: Sofia

Cool, now I can finally ditch AmOric.

On window it seems to take too much CPU resources, but this shall be normal for 32 bit screen and the big window.
On FullScreen, it shows black screen with only one line at the top, but the emulator seems to work okay - key click are heared.
I can not find a way to exit the emulator from full screen mode.
Going to test it further.

Good work, for first time on Amiga, Oric emulator with disk drive support.

Games, programs, reviews

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Re: Oricutron v0.1 released!
Posted on 6-Feb-2010 18:13:01
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Jun-2003
Posts: 2440
From: Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England, UK, Europe, Earth, The Milky Way, The Universe


It takes a lot more CPU on a 32bit WB than a 16bit one because it renders everything in 16bit, which then has to be converted.

The fullscreen bug is something in SDL, i think.

Playstation Network ID: xeron6

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Re: Oricutron v0.1 released!
Posted on 6-Feb-2010 20:54:52
#3 ]
Super Member
Joined: 4-Aug-2003
Posts: 1332
From: Stourbridge, UK

Excellent work. My 2 favourite computers of all time combined again!

Now to dig out Xenon and Rat Splat.

Happiness is mandatory.
MindSpace: MindMaps and UML diagrams for OS4

We ran 5 Recursion Computer Fairs before hitting the exit condition

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Re: Oricutron v0.1 released!
Posted on 8-Feb-2010 22:53:29
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Jun-2003
Posts: 2440
From: Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England, UK, Europe, Earth, The Milky Way, The Universe

Didn't want to spam the news section after 2 days, but v0.2 has just been released.


* Fullscreen now works properly on OS4
* A LOT more disk based software will work that just froze up before.
* Much, much better audio
* New layout for the AY info in the debugger

Playstation Network ID: xeron6

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Re: Oricutron v0.1 released!
Posted on 9-Feb-2010 9:14:31
#5 ]
Super Member
Joined: 23-Nov-2008
Posts: 1429
From: Australia

The more emulators available for OS4.x users the better.

Nice job.

Courtesy of SAM440Flex & Amiga OS4.1 only
Flex is 800mhz
A1000 with Classic 520 Amiga OS3.2.1
AmiKit 12
MorphOS PowerBook G4 (which can play youtube vids)

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