SabreMSN 0.68 released with personal avatar support

Date 28-Mar-2010 15:26:43
Topic: Software News

A new version of SabreMSN has been released. 0.68 alpha brings the ability to select your own avatar, fixes various bugs and has a slight UI change.

At the time of posting, only an OS4 package is available.

OS4Depot link
Please read the .readme for more information than just the changelog.

2010-03-28: Alpha 68

- Users can choose their own Avatar now.
- Windows/tabs will not open when a switchboard connects. Instead, they will open when someone types
to you. This way, the switchboards that are opened to download your avatar will not bother people.
- Default graphics is shown when the user has no avatar to download. I dont know how to do graphics.
Any volunteers to make me a better one?
- The "Close Tab" text button has been replaced with graphics, but it looks very ugly.
Any volunteers to make me a better one?
- Avatar cache bugfixed a bit. It was downloading a new avatar for each new switchboard session. It didnt use
the "downoad/dont download" variable properly. No point in a cache then eh!
- "Dont use direct connection" messages were sent over and over before. It's now only sent once.
- Temporary/currently downloading avatars are stored in progdir:cache/trash/ and cleaned on startup, and
avatars are renamed into the cache/trash/ dir if they cant be deleted, to get around issues of locked files
in some circumstances.
- The toolbar automatically hides the borders and text, to make it look more handsome.

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