AMIGIFT 2.1 has been released.

Date 7-May-2010 21:55:56
Topic: hardware OS4

We are proud to announce the availability of AMIGIFT Version 2.1. AMIGIFT is a multi-protocol peer-to-peer file sharing application for AmigaOS and compatible systems.

The list of changes since the last public release are as follows:

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$Id: ChangeLog,v 13.0 2010/04/11 19:07:25 diegocr Exp $


* The number of sources shown on the result's bubble-help wasn't correct, also fixed those bubble-helps to trim strings up to 100 characters, otherwise they don't open on certain screenmodes.


* There seems to be some strange issue coming up since os4.1.1 from the Gnutella plug-in, in a try to get rid of it we've removed some global variables usages which may or may not was causing such issue(s)... after all that was not so system-friendly/legal...

* Following the above explained Gnutella changes, we've done the same for the Ares and OpenFT plugins.


* Fixed the chat which wasn't working due changes made on freenode.


* Search Filters are now working as it should.


* Gnutella/trie.c: Replaced two assert()'ion checks which could cause the daemon being suspended when either running out of memory or sharing more than 4GB...

- Gnutella 2.12 now available.


* Changed the way version check for 3rd part libraries/classes is performed. It should no longer produce a crash under OS4 while checking Textinput#?.mcc

* The executable files downloaded from the Online Updater does not contain the Execute bit, causing problems under OS4 - Fixed.

* Each first search query is not properly inserted on the string's class history (context menu) - Fixed.

* Using 'Save To Disk ALL' still causes a requester to come up switching between preferences pages - Fixed.


* Fixed some issue(s) caused by uninitialized library base pointers from inside amigift.library (...)

* Fixed several catalog/build-in English strings for typos, Thanks a lot to Sam at who did the job.

- GiFTMui 2.0.201 Released.


* Downgraded required OpenURL.library back to version 6.3

You can download it from

NOTE: Remember you can download the archive AMIGIFT-deps.lha in case you lack some of the required 3rd-part libraries, you can find it in the 2.0 folder.

For further details on how to get started, please take a look at the website and/or check the online documentation

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