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hardware OS4   hardware OS4 : AMIGIFT 2.1 has been released.
   posted by diegocr on 7-May-2010 20:47:07 (2385 reads)
We are proud to announce the availability of AMIGIFT Version 2.1. AMIGIFT is a multi-protocol peer-to-peer file sharing application for AmigaOS and compatible systems.

The list of changes since the last public release are as follows:

(Read More)

$Id: ChangeLog,v 13.0 2010/04/11 19:07:25 diegocr Exp $


* The number of sources shown on the result's bubble-help wasn't correct, also fixed those bubble-helps to trim strings up to 100 characters, otherwise they don't open on certain screenmodes.


* There seems to be some strange issue coming up since os4.1.1 from the Gnutella plug-in, in a try to get rid of it we've removed some global variables usages which may or may not was causing such issue(s)... after all that was not so system-friendly/legal...

* Following the above explained Gnutella changes, we've done the same for the Ares and OpenFT plugins.


* Fixed the chat which wasn't working due changes made on freenode.


* Search Filters are now working as it should.


* Gnutella/trie.c: Replaced two assert()'ion checks which could cause the daemon being suspended when either running out of memory or sharing more than 4GB...

- Gnutella 2.12 now available.


* Changed the way version check for 3rd part libraries/classes is performed. It should no longer produce a crash under OS4 while checking Textinput#?.mcc

* The executable files downloaded from the Online Updater does not contain the Execute bit, causing problems under OS4 - Fixed.

* Each first search query is not properly inserted on the string's class history (context menu) - Fixed.

* Using 'Save To Disk ALL' still causes a requester to come up switching between preferences pages - Fixed.


* Fixed some issue(s) caused by uninitialized library base pointers from inside amigift.library (...)

* Fixed several catalog/build-in English strings for typos, Thanks a lot to Sam at who did the job.

- GiFTMui 2.0.201 Released.


* Downgraded required OpenURL.library back to version 6.3

You can download it from

NOTE: Remember you can download the archive AMIGIFT-deps.lha in case you lack some of the required 3rd-part libraries, you can find it in the 2.0 folder.

For further details on how to get started, please take a look at the website and/or check the online documentation

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Re: AMIGIFT 2.1 has been released.
Posted on 7-May-2010 23:54:57
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 13-Feb-2003
Posts: 3447
From: Italy, Perugia

Thanks Diego !


Sam440ep Flex 800 Mhz 1 GB Ram + AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6
AmigaOne XE G3 800 Mhz - 640 MB Ram - Radeon 9200 SE + AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6

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Re: AMIGIFT 2.1 has been released.
Posted on 8-May-2010 7:07:41
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 25-Dec-2007
Posts: 724
From: Uppsala, Sweden

Thank you! Will give it a try

AmigaOS on Google+
AmigaOS on Facebook

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Re: AMIGIFT 2.1 has been released.
Posted on 8-May-2010 11:04:10
#3 ]
Super Member
Joined: 16-Jun-2003
Posts: 1502
From: Croatia

Diego thanx for update..I will try it later on my OS4 system..

A1200 sandwich :)

uA1c/g3-800 mHz/512mb/160gb hdd/OS4.1 Final + upd #1

MacMini G4 1.5ghz 1GB ram + MorphOS 3.9

Croatian Amiga portal

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Re: AMIGIFT 2.1 has been released.
Posted on 14-May-2010 19:25:17
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Nov-2003
Posts: 260
From: Poland


Were you successful? I stuck on openurl.library requester saying that I do not have correct version of it in the system.

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Re: AMIGIFT 2.1 has been released.
Posted on 18-May-2010 0:20:15
#5 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 7-Jun-2006
Posts: 193
From: Unknown


I stuck on openurl.library requester saying that I do not have correct version of it in the system.

Which exact version of OpenURL are you using, and from where it comes?..

Also, under which machine/os/etc?.. as many details you provide, it will be easy to debug.

You can check with SnoopDos what's happening, feel free to send me by email any log.

Checking with Scout the values for lib_Version and lib_Revision of the library should give some clue, in case you're using a custom build..

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