AmigaOS4: AAMP 1.1 for AmiCygnix released.

Date 20-May-2010 13:24:22
Topic: Software News

The final version of the server package AAMP for AmiCygnix is now available on OS4 depot.

This package provides a developer environment to create your web projects on your Amiga. Just like the well known LAMP package for Linux, it includes the HTTP (web) server "Apache" with compiled in support for the scripting language "PHP" and the database server "MySQL".

This is new in version 1.1:
* Apache CGI module is working now.
* The MySQL frontend "mySQLcontrol" uses now the "pthreads.library" instead
of the old "threads.library".
* All binaries are linked with the latest AmiCygnix utility library.
* Added several examples for PHP and CGI
* Several bugfixes.

If you don't like to install the full AmiCygnix base package, you can install a minimal AmiCygnix environment while installing the AAMP package! It does only need about 11 MB diskspace.



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