(BETA)Driver for modern nVidia cards available in AROS.

Date 20-May-2010 23:15:02
Topic: Software News

The Gallium3D bounty brought to AROS a modern implementation of OpenGL library as well as a hardware accelerated 3D driver for nVidia cards. As an extension to this project, a new 2D driver is being developed basing on the same Nouveau project as the 3D driver. Currently this new driver in BETA version is available in AROS nightly builds.

The driver supports all generation of nVidia GeForce cards (starting at the old GF1 series up to and including the GF9 series). The support for different output types (VGA, TV, DVI and LVDS) and automatic video modes recognition using DDC is available. (supported modes up to 1920x1200 depending on video card and display configuration)

The planned work on this driver will focus around improving the speed of usage by implementing more 2D acceleration and integrating the 3D driver so that a complete support for nVidia cards is available in one module.

These topics are currently being actively worked on and will be added soon. In the meantime I already encourage everyone to get the latest nightly build and try the driver by selecting "AROS (NVidia Nouveau graphics)" option on Grub boot menu. There is also a tested nightly build available at this location

If you would like to support work on this driver or on 3D support in AROS, please consider donating:

NOTE: During booting AROS, the driver will turn off the monitor - the monitor will be turned on at the end of booting (please wait until CDROM stops its activity)

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