TryloByte 12, new music disk from Nuance now for AOS4

Date 23-May-2010 11:15:14
Topic: News

Back in the past, Nuance group making their music disks called Trylobyte for classic amigas (from year 1995 to 1999). They released 11 issues for that time, and now, after 10 eyars they release issue 12 !

Initially it was relesed only for win32, but later i get the sources from coder and port that now to AOS4. Originally music disk was based on OpenGL + FMOD (which we do not have), so, i rewrite FMOD parts on SDL_Mixer, which in end a bit rush spectrum analizer (sorry). Also i add more resolutions (initialy 1024x768 only, for aos4: 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768).

Download it from os4depot here, screenshot from os4 version here

Enjoy !

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