AmigaOne X1000 Beta Test Team and Program

Date 28-May-2010 17:39:53
Topic: hardware OS4

Posted on 27 May 2010

AmigaOne X1000 Beta Test Team and Program


You may have read in various interviews that AmigaOS 4.1 has been booting to Workbench on the AmigaOne X1000 hardware for quite some time. We can also confirm that additional Nemo prototypes have been supplied to several OS4 developers to allow them to complete the necessary onboard hardware drivers (SATA, Ethernet and HD sound, USB is already mostly working). Meanwhile a revision 2 version of the Nemo motherboard is being finalised and to ensure we have the widest possible testing we are making 100 Rev 2 motherboards available to Beta testers under a special discount program.

We have received many request from Amigans who wish to join the Beta Test team and these will be processed by Hyperion-Entertainment who are coordinating the Beta Test program in conjunction with A-EON Technology.
Trevor Dickinson
A-EON Technology CVBA

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