Fortis for MorphOS released

Date 17-Jun-2010 22:01:23
Topic: Software News

Fortis game for MorphOS has been finished and released. It is old school shooter wrapped in flashy 3D art and FX. More details about the Fortis for MorphOS, screenshots and video-trailer (see on YouTube or download AVI/XviD) available on Encore Games website.

As we promised, price of the Fortis for MorphOS has been very reduced. Everyone can download the final FULL version of the game from Encore Games website and use it without any limitations. However if you would like to legally own it you need to either buy full version of the Fortis for iPhone, iPod touch (or iPad in future) on AppStore or recommend the game to another user of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Please inform us once you do it, so we could update our statistics.

Fortis for MorphOS is available on:
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