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Software News   Software News : Fortis for MorphOS released
   posted by tomazkid on 17-Jun-2010 22:01:23 (3083 reads)
Fortis game for MorphOS has been finished and released. It is old school shooter wrapped in flashy 3D art and FX. More details about the Fortis for MorphOS, screenshots and video-trailer (see on YouTube or download AVI/XviD) available on Encore Games website.

As we promised, price of the Fortis for MorphOS has been very reduced. Everyone can download the final FULL version of the game from Encore Games website and use it without any limitations. However if you would like to legally own it you need to either buy full version of the Fortis for iPhone, iPod touch (or iPad in future) on AppStore or recommend the game to another user of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Please inform us once you do it, so we could update our statistics.

Fortis for MorphOS is available on:
Follow Encore Games news:
- on Twitter: @encoregames
- on website:

See you in next (better) projects.
Encore Games

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 17-Jun-2010 22:08:30
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 6-Dec-2003
Posts: 852
From: Tinytown

Looks pretty cool, will try it some day soon.

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 17-Jun-2010 22:47:03
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 10-Sep-2007
Posts: 1929
From: Somewhere in Spain

I like to play this game on OS4.1 please...!!!

The game really promises cool things (2D shooter with 3D elements?)

Better game for Morphos?

So great game for Amiga OS4.1 with update 2.

AMIGA 500 1.5 MB ACA500/ACA1232 accelerators
AMIGA 500 German
CD32 unexpanded
Amiga 1200 Tower on AmigaKit since years
AMIGA 1300 030/50 Mhz/32 MB WB 3.9 with lots of games&demos

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 17-Jun-2010 22:47:59
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 10-Jul-2005
Posts: 9439
From: Unknown


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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 17-Jun-2010 23:03:22
#4 ]
Joined: 22-Nov-2004
Posts: 57
From: Albuquerque, NM

Great game. Well made. I'm looking foward to more games from Encore Games.

Pegasos-II board G3/600 MHz MorphOS3.x/ 1GBRam,
Power Mac G5, Efika MorphOS3.x
SAM440ep 600Mhz AmigaOS 4.1 512
AMIGA 1200-DBOX,BLIZZARDPPC175 MHz,64MB,Mediator1200SX
VOODOO3, OS 3.9 & 4.0, Amiga CD32

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 17-Jun-2010 23:26:27
#5 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 25-Jul-2003
Posts: 4286
From: Unknown

I wish this was ported to OS4.x.

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 18-Jun-2010 2:57:01
#6 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 13-Jan-2005
Posts: 525
From: Adelaide, South Australia

[nothing to see here - post removed]

Last edited by MickJT on 18-Jun-2010 at 02:58 AM.

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 18-Jun-2010 6:41:20
#7 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 11-Jan-2004
Posts: 3538
From: Russia

Encore rokz. Their MiniGL demos (sulaco, by night, knewlkash) back in the past was very nice. Even today they looks not so bad.

PS. can help to port that to aos4 if authors in interest (already send mail to them)

Last edited by kas1e on 18-Jun-2010 at 06:55 AM.

Join us to improve dopus5!
zerohero's mirror of os4/os3 crosscompiler suites

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 18-Jun-2010 11:48:38
#8 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Jun-2004
Posts: 3622
From: Unknown

Congratulations for this commercial game for MorphOS and the big question for Amiga OS 4, when? and yes I'll pay for it.

Last edited by Templario on 18-Jun-2010 at 11:53 AM.

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 18-Jun-2010 14:59:26
#9 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 6-Aug-2005
Posts: 223
From: Poland/Chelm

Nice work encore :)
I love this game thx for release it for MorphOS ;)

Mac Mini G4 1.5 Ghz & MorphOS 3.x
Power Mac G5 dual 2.3 Ghz MorphOS 3.x
BlaBla Team Member ->
AmiParty Team Member ->

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 18-Jun-2010 15:24:40
#10 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 24-Mar-2003
Posts: 178
From: Haugesund, Norway

Congrats my friends! :)

Im very glad to see that you are as talented as ever!

best regards

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 18-Jun-2010 16:33:47
#11 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 19-Jun-2004
Posts: 5009
From: Sweden

Looks good :)

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Re: Encore rólz :)
Posted on 18-Jun-2010 17:17:50
#12 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 28-Nov-2003
Posts: 128
From: Poland

That's a great step, and finally the native game made on Amiga (!) (MorphOS, whatever), not some port again. Respect for this huge effort to finish the project :)
Encore pany!

PS. I liked also totally Encore demos, they had simply a nice smooth style. Kheshkhash rządzi ;)

Last edited by rolpho on 19-Jun-2010 at 05:13 PM.
Last edited by rolpho on 18-Jun-2010 at 05:21 PM.

Harthon gerithach raid gelin a chwest adel thraw lín :)


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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 19-Jun-2010 0:13:35
#13 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 11-Jun-2003
Posts: 945
From: space

Just played this game on iPhone 3gs - it looks and plays great!
Programming team involved lots of work for it, it seems.
Excellent work!

nykk | | | gfx.river |

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Re: Fortis for MorphOS released
Posted on 19-Jun-2010 3:45:08
#14 ]
Super Member
Joined: 23-Nov-2008
Posts: 1429
From: Australia

When this game is out for OS4.x, inclusive of any new titles that may come, then I will be able to see how great it is, including many other OS4 users and their systems.

Difinately looks like a lot of effort has been made thus far.


Courtesy of SAM440Flex & Amiga OS4.1 only
Flex is 800mhz
A1000 with Classic 520 Amiga OS3.2.1
AmiKit 12
MorphOS PowerBook G4 (which can play youtube vids)

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