Aros Broadway, Audio Evolution, Monthly Subscription

Date 30-Jun-2010 0:23:18
Topic: Software News

Aros Broadway 0.0.2R7 is out!
The online update follows, the full ISO is uploaded already!

Video (needs Flash)

I wan't to show you this:
Audio Evolution

I preordered 6 copies and would like to give 5 away for the next "new" AresOne customers -> the boy is screaming to be a dedicated AROS Workstation : )

To all please consider to buy a license too! This is a great piece of Software and could lead to other bigger commercial apps for AROS!

Also please have a look at
There is a monthly subscription option available! This money will be used to fund important but maybe less popular developments.

Best Regards and have fun with every piece you like of the big Amiga-family-cake!

Pascal P.

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