Introducing the new AresOne

Date 13-Jul-2010 21:07:43
Topic: Hardware News

Some time has passed and i thought about broadening the Amiga market.....
on my Agenda is:
A new scalable AresOne (from dual-core to 6-core) as AROS workstation (especial AudioEvolution )
AMC as you know already
App-browser (for MOS/AmigaOS and AROS) -> merge all three small markets to one less small (the ground to attract "new" developers)
and more but still secret

The new AresOne is smaller faster... not a workhorse but a work pony.
It has still enough room for a optional Catweazel and a Wifi Card.
The base-system comes with an ATI HD4200 (HDMI/DVI,VGA)
You may ask: "huhh? ATI not Nvidia?? yeahh stay tuned
BUT it supports also hybrid crossfireX and you could add any PCIe card you like.
It supports up to 16GB DDR2 1066 but also up to 8GB DDR2 1200(O.C)
More in the video and even more on the show at the Amiga Event 2010 in Essen.
6x USB (external) 6x internal..... this makes opens the door to Touchscreen and Remote support for a perfect MediaCenter solution.

With the HDMI output it is ideally for AMC which comes bundled with it.
Other bundled software:
A-liveX (FryingPan key, latest Cinnamon Writer)
Broadway / IcAROS (which is part of A-liveX-physical disc pack)

This time you will be able to choose...... i hope you find a configuration which fits your needs.

You have to try it.... whoever can visit us in Essen.

Just as Info about the Ares Project..... i started it to support AROS.... all profits i gain go back to AROS funding and more projects.... yeeeaaahh ok ok a little bit will be used to minimize the personal loss

The Introduction video: Youtube

Regarding the song: i liked the game and "gods" theme fits to Ares

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