IMICA Silent shipping now and special offer for 25th Anniversary.

Date 17-Jul-2010 13:48:28
Topic: Announcement

Firstly I am pleased to say I am now shipping the new IMICA Atom Silents units, and thanks to those who have put faith in the Atom based IMICA project. Below you will find three links to the "Getting Started with IMICA Silent part one to three episodes." Yes I know you need to have system running to do this but I also include the full video on the system disk as well.

Now to celebrate the Amiga's 25th Anniversary I am offering free delivery (saving 20), for the first 25 orders received before the end of this month at only 199.

Again, thanks to all those who have supported me in this project and I will do another normal video soon.

Steve Jones
ClusterUK ltd

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