A-EON Rev 2 "Nemo" Update

Date 21-Jul-2010 20:44:34
Topic: Hardware News

London, 20th July 2010

We are pleased to announce that we have finalised the design of the revision 2 "Nemo" motherboard. Following an extensive testing programme, as well as implementing a number of minor hardware fixes, we have opted to specify an upgrade to the "Xena" XMOS subsystem to provide greater functionality and performance.

The revision 2 standard will be the version shipping under the AmigaOne X1000 Beta Test Programme. With the design finalised, Hyperion Entertainment will soon be sending out the Beta Test information pack to everyone who registered their interest in joining the AmigaOne X1000 Beta Test programme.

In other good news, the Hyperion Entertainment software developers have made excellent progress since the AmigaOne X1000's public debut at the Vintage Computer Festival in June, and AmigaOS4 is now running stably at the fastest CPU speeds. Two AmigaOne X1000 machines will be on display at the "Amiga Event 2010" in Essen on the 24th July, demonstrating the latest developments.

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