ARM Controllers for Minimig's boards Finally Available !

Date 24-Jul-2010 11:11:44
Topic: Hardware News

Hi Everybody ;)

After many months of work, tests, discussion ....., I can finally provide the ARM controllers again for your Minimig's boards (v1.1).

You can see in the following video how it changes the behaviour of original board !

This controller affords many improved features like :
- 40MHz Turbo mode for your 68000 processor : excellent when using HDF files (hardfiles), it can manage 2 hardfiles (instead of one with original PIC controller),
- Faster starting up your board instead of 8 / 10 second with your original PIC,
- SPI mode support if your board is modified for it : this mode improves a lot the read access rate of your SD card up to 1700KB/sec instead of 150KB/sec !
- Firmware upgradable directly from the SD Card, no more serial cable needed !
- Games / Demos Compatibility largely improved .....
The ARM controller is at 69 euros (VAT included, WITHOUT shipping costs).

Also, I still have the VGA to scart cables available at 25 euros.

Please send me an email at for ordering ;)

Thanks for all your support and for your patience for those who have preordered it !

A BIG special THANKS to Jakub Bednarski for all his help and also to Sascha (Boing4000) for his hard work too !

Laurent aka Faranheit

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