Audio Evolution 4 for AROS released

Date 1-Aug-2010 21:01:59
Topic: Software News

The popular multi-track audio recording and editing software Audio Evolution 4 is now available for AROS! With almost identical features to the AmigaOS4 version, it allows non-linear and non-destructive editing of 16-bit audio, real-time effect processing, automation, multi-track playback and much more. Visit the Audio Evolution website for more information, download the demo or buy it now for only 49 euro! Note that after September 1st, 2010, the price will go up to 59 euro as you can read below.

A big thank you to nikolaos who set up the 'Audio Evolution Bounty' website where people could participate in a pre-order program to show their support for an AROS port. To get enough people to pre-order, the idea was raised and implemented to set the pre-order price to 49 euro and a 10 euro raise afterwards.

Although the number of pre-orders for the AROS version wasn't sufficient, together with a MorphOS poll which showed 32 potential sales, I decided to give both ports a go. The MorphOS version compiles as well, but due to the lack of MorphOS hardware I'm waiting for the Mac G4 (or 5?) release to be able to test and finish the MorphOS port.

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