Amiga Roundtable Ep. 45 - Double Rainbows and Kittens

Date 10-Aug-2010 10:51:56
Topic: News

Back after a VERY long hiatus and some crappy attempts at recording shows, we managed to get one banged out. Good or bad, here it is. Make sure to let other Amiga/MorphOS/AROS users know we're back!

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Sean Fitzgerald. Guest Host: Jerry Withers, our host from ART Episode 1.

* Fortis v1.1 for Morphos out
* Cheap chineese Boing Ball keyboards and mice for fun and profits!
* 25 Years – Amiga – rather broad topic.
* 10 Years Morphos.
* Audio Evolution for Aros released..Morphos is just a powermac g4 away.
* Fairly recent flurry of game ports: Ginana Returns, Sqrxz, Gish – all quality!
* Open Office lite/kids edition development via Hyperion for OS4.
* amiwest plug – around the corner. Rich going?

Listen here:

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