IceFileSystem 1.13 released (MorphOS)

Date 15-Aug-2010 15:37:55
Topic: Software News

IceFileSystem 1.13 released for MorphOS.

IceFileSystem is a 64bit disk filesystem supporting a high number of useful features:

64bit file/partition/extent sizes (actually very close to 2^63 bytes).
No self imposed fragmentation of large files unless there is not enough contigious space available.

All metadata on disk is checksummed. This means any errors on disk will be detected a lot quicker.

Meta level jornalling. Journalling makes operations to disk atomic.

Hardlinks (directory and file), softlinks, notification, examine all, record locking,
file comments. Fully supported.

Supports almost any 2^x media sector sizes. Filesystem layout on disk is not dependant on a specific underlying sector size.
Filesystem may however place data on disk so that it is optimal for the sector size used.

Filesystem does not get slower for larger partitions (scales very well), or when heavily fragmented.

No limit in # of files/dirs in partition/dirs.

Handles removable media.

Supports optional recycle dir.

Supports automatically truncated log files and optional filesystem logfile.

Wastes only 128k (and preallocates another 128k for meta space) for filesystem administration data, regardless of partition size.

Dynamic handling of cache memory. Memory is given back (progressivly) to system when not used.

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