The new AresOne is available

Date 20-Aug-2010 19:21:26
Topic: Hardware News

What should i say... i'm glad and i think with all the discounts i offered it is a bargain

Available only at

The Ares project started in 2009 to bring
AROS enthusiasts and beginners a powerful but inexpensive AROS-compatible, preconfigured system.
Now we are proud to show you the next step
in AROS power computing.
The new revised version of the AresOne is
faster, smaller, more individual, but not necessarily more expensive.

From a 2.7 GHz single core(which is in truth a dualcore Athlon64 x2 with an deactivated second core) up to a mind-blowing
6 core CPU (remember you can also use Windows and Linux), everything is possible.
Starting with 1 GB of RAM, the AresOne can hold up to 16 GB of DDR2 RAM at 1066MHZ or 8 GB of RAM at 1200MHZ.

To allow you to start full steam ahead, a comprehensive software package has been added:

A-Live X Software Pack (includes Cinnamon
Writer and a Keyfile for Frying Pan) plus a free bonus DVD with IcAROS Desktop.

Media Center solution for all Amiga systems.
As soon as AMC is ready, you will get it as a free download. You can buy the AresOne in a nice media center case, too.

Amiga Forever 2009 OEM includes Kickstart and Workbench files required for the Amiga emulation, upgradable to the full version of Amiga Forever Premium Edition at a reduced bundle price.

Also you get ArtEfect (68k)

Optionally available:
Keyrah, Catweasel MK IV

You can choose between IcAROS desktop and AROS Broadway

To make thing cheaper for you i offer the following discounts:

I. On

1. If you register yourself on you will get a 3% discount (lifetime) this includes the order of an AresOne on (in this case you get the 3% back from me) (THIS offer ends with august 2010 - this month)

2. If you bought A-live X already you get the money back if you buy an AresOne on (You get the money from me BUT you don't get A-live pack again with the AresOne you ordered)

3. A-live X is now cheaper. The Physical package costs now only 18.90Euros(7Euro less) and the download version 15.90(3 Euro less)

4. Also i offer Soundblaster live cards for 10Euro including 12 month warranty, for those who have a unsupported onboard-card.

Another way to save 3% is to make a new AmigaFuture subscription but please wait until this will officially announced in the next AmigaFuture.

Oh and one bonus will be that i have 3 Audio Evolution licenses to give away.

During the comming week every already registered customer will get also the 3% discount for the future.

BUT you will get max. 3% off + the money back for A-live... you cant add the AmigaFuture discount to the sum!

All offered discounts will end with the release of AmigaFuture 87, if no deadline is written above!

Best Regards,

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