ClipDown 3.1 released on OS4Depot - snapshot screen, bug fix, icons

Date 6-Sep-2010 6:46:36
Topic: Software News

Version 3.1 is a small update which add the ability to snapshot the screen from the tools menu. It also fixes a bug where the STARTMODE, 'getvideo' related tooltype didn't work. In addition the new "Mason" icons are used thanks Martin! See change details below.

Version 3.1 (Released);
Included new icon from Martin (Mason) Merz. Thanks Martin!
Added "Snapshot Screen" selected to Tools menu. (5 seconds to pick screen.)
Added version number to window title.
Fixed bug where getvideo STARTMODE tooltype settngs were not recognized.

Thanks to Martin (Mason) Merz for the fantastic icons!
Thanks to Krister (Kicko) Skrtic for beta testing and the suggestions for improvements.

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